The term interior design is actually already widely heard. It’s just that, maybe you are still confused about what exactly the concept of interior design. You could also think, anyway this is tantamount to arranging space to place chairs, tables, and other furniture needed in the house. Actually, the main concept in interior design is to organize the space, including what style or model is to be presented in the room. However, interior design is not as simple as the layout of the furniture. Spatial planning in interior design is not arbitrary. Various considerations are presented, ranging from the style or design that is carried, the material for any furniture to support, how its position, even to the distance between one piece of furniture and furniture. INTERIOR DESIGN PRINCIPLES Various considerations in interior design are not done carelessly. Every home design service provider has a principle that is held in doing his job. Where the principle itself is to produce a room that has a balanced composition and proportions that fit. Not only that, another principle of interior design is to create a harmonious home space and one unit. Each room in your residence will become one part that is difficult to separate. Between one room and another room has a binding because it has the same theme. In more detail, there are actually seven main principles in interior design. In addition to a balanced composition, the right proportion, to harmonize every space in the house; interior design also adheres to the principles of rhythm, vocal points, colors, details. The other four principles are nothing but a way to create a balanced composition in a residential area.

Rupnow Machine & Automation Design has over 30 years of experience designing innovative solutions for industry. My main area of expertise is the mechanical design of prototype machinery and factory automation.

I offer a full design package which includes initial concepting, mechanical design and detail drawings, bid package administration, and project management. I have extensive experience with machine shop jigs and fixtures, die casting machinery, material handling equipment, and automated machinery.

I have access to 4 major machine shop/fabricators located in Barrie for quick bid turn around.

I am a certified member of O.A.C.E.T.T.